Irlams O'th Height Roundabout

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Added by Grahame Cooper

Irlams O'th Height roundabout has been the location of a number of collisions involving cyclists (including myself and my daughter last September).

There was a consultation last year over proposals produced by Sustrans for the improvement of this, and I showed my comments (annotations on proposed plans) at a previous GMCC meeting. You can find this annotated document here: (large PDF - need to download to see all pages).

A leaflet on the intended imrovements can be found here:

I am disappointed with this for the following reasons:

- Extensive use of shared footways in the scheme (Salford Council seems to be in love with these, but they are bad).

- Southbound approach on A666 looks impractical & dangerous: a sharp left turn onto the shared footway right at the busy entrance to the roundabout!

- Whilst carriageway widths have been reduced, kerb radii at the mouth of entrances and exits do not seem to have been reduced, so "drivers looking right whilst accelerating left" will still pose a danger for cyclists who do not want to use the shared footways.

- Limited improvements to the subways (tile removal, lighting and resurfacing) will probably not result in an attractive facility for cyclists. Access to this from Bolton Road (northbound) looks awkward.

- There is no undertaking mentioned to ensure that facilities will be maintained and swept.

- I'm still not confident regarding the social safety of the off-road parts, especially in the dark winter months.

Those are my immediate reactions. Could be more to add.


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