Athenlay Road Traffic Calming

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We want to hear your views on alternative traffic calming proposals for Athenlay Road.

Southwark became a 20mph borough in March 2015. However, we have identified a number of sites where speeds regularly exceed 20mph, sometimes by a significant amount. This can increase the risk of accidents, as well as the risk that, when accidents occur, injuries may be more serious or even fatal.

We have conducted a detailed review of the sites where traffic most regularly exceeds the 20mph limit, and we have identified measures to encourage reduced vehicles speeds and keep them to the posted limit.

Average speeds over 25mph have been observed on Athenlay Road. The road is often used as a route for through-traffic, so overall traffic volumes are high. We have a duty to make any adjustments necessary to ensure that the law is being upheld, and to look after our residents’ safety.

The plans below present two alternative proposals for Athenlay Road:-

  1. The use of 8 sinusoidal speed humps - if placed close enough together, these encourage drivers to slow down and maintain a slower speed. This is our preferred option as we think it will be the most effective way of reducing speeds. However, some residents may be less keen on speed humps as they can cause some vibration and noise.
  2. The use of 2 sets of build-outs - by narrowing the road for short sections, these cause vehicles to slow down in order to pass safely. However, these do involve loss of parking spaces adjacent to the build-outs, and may be less effective than sinusoidal humps at reducing speeds at times when traffic is lighter.

Athenlay Road does not meet the criteria for installing speed cameras - therefore these are the two types of intervention that are possible.

Please complete the survey below and let us know your preference - as well as any other suggestions that you think might improve the safety and accessibility of Athenlay Road.


March 11th, 2019 13:00


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