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  • Trafford Waters

    Created by Jonathan Keenan // 1 thread

    Large housing development near to Trafford centre, Manchester Ship Canal and Bridgewater Canal. There is potential for huge increase in traffic and the plans have very little/no cycle infrastructure planned in.

    The plans show 5 lane roads and roundabouts with a simple ASL and no other infrastructure. This is an opportunity for the developers to connect the new estate into a wider cycle network, particularly the cycle path on Barton Dock Road (which needs improvement). The Bridgewater Canal will not have enough capacity in the future and is not suitable for year round commuting.

    Urgent attention needs to be given to the main roads surrounding the site and the development used as a catalyst to improve the below standard infrastructure already in place nearby.

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  • Jones "Parkland" development, Cheadle

    Created by David Butler // 1 thread

    Planning application submitted to Stockport Council re. Phase 4 of the "Parklands" development at Three Acres Lane (ref. DC053394). The proposals seem to purely focus on motor transport via the A34 as the means of access/egress. CycleWilmslow have long campaigned, with support from some CycleStockport members plus CTC and Sustrans for a traffic-free route from Cheadle to Handforth. This would go through this site (there is currently a footpath which would require minimal work to upgrade to bridleway standard).

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