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  • Ladybrook Valley - upgrade and extend footpath to CCAG2 cycleway DC/065422

    Created by JonathanF // 1 thread

    CCAG2 off-road scheme in Cheadle and Cheadle Hulme, Stockport.

    Upgrade and extension of the existing Ladybrook Valley footpath from Queens Road to Hall Road. The scheme is a maintenance and enhancement project which aims to provide a permanent cycle path that accords with modern design standards.

    Stockport Planning Application reference: DC/065422

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  • TFGM Cycle Design Guide.

    Created by AndyF // 0 threads

    For comments and suggestions regarding the TFGM Cycle Design Guide new revision.
    Please put comments suggestions with Page No.

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  • A56 Prestwich High Street

    Created by JonathanF // 1 thread

    Single lane [30mph] traffic with wider pavements, permanent parking bays, new bus lay-bys, bus stop relocation, dedicated [advisory, due to parking bays] [1.5m wide] cycle lanes [no buffer, so in the door zone] and improved public realm, closure of the junction of Bury New Road and Warwick Street and the [since withdrawn] introduction of a one-way system along Clifton Road.

    2016-02-23 Report:
    2016-03-02 Members accepted recommendations to:
    (a) Instruct officers to undertake detailed designs and obtain tenders in respect of delivering Proposal One subject to the following amendments and within the approved budget:
    i) Clifton Road to remain open in both directions. The situation will be monitored for a period of 12 calendar months from completion of the scheme as to its effect on traffic flows, congestion and safety.
    ii) The on street (adopted) parking bays to be reduced in length and additional street trees to be included to improve the aesthetic appearance. Parking bays to be subject to restrictions of 60 minutes with no return with 1 hour.
    iii) Officers to work with Transport for Greater Manchester to ensure traffic light sequencing is maximised to reduce congestion.
    (b) Delegate authority to the Chief Executive and the interim Executive Director of Resources and Regulation, in consultation with the Leader of the Council, to consider all tenders received and to approve the awarding of the contract to undertake the approved scheme within the approved budget.
    (c) Instruct officers to seek opportunities to secure additional match funding and sponsorship specifically in respect to street furniture, signage and planting

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